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Academic Services

The Tisch Office of Student Affairs and Services has an academic services area that handles all administrative matters related to a student's registration and progress toward the degree. Questions and problems with advisement, Advanced Placement credit, course selection, double majors and minors, cross-school and cross-departmental registration, and the dropping and adding of courses may be brought to the office for resolution.

Advisement at Tisch is departmentally based, and for that reason each department at the Tisch School of the Arts has an academic advisor/administrator who should be your first stop for departmental advisement questions.

Tisch Academic Services should be thought of as the place to go for any question or problem related to advisement that you have not been able to resolve at the departmental level. If you need assistance with your selection of courses for the general education component of your degree, or questions about the correct categorization of general education and elective courses as you track your progress toward the degree, you should not hesitate to contact the office for help. We can also assist with questions about double majors, available minors, and how degree progress relates to financial aid.

We have the following documents online available for you to download: the Internal Transfer Application, the Double Major Application, the Application for Undergraduate Readmission, the Deferral Request, the Leave of Absence form, and several other forms and documents you may need to reference during your time at Tisch. You can access these documents by visiting the Forms page. 

The Office of Student Affairs also publishes the Tisch Handbook of Policies and Procedures, which should be consulted for all schoolwide policies, regulations, and deadlines.