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International Students

There are approximately 350 international students currently enrolled in the Tisch School of the Arts. They come form more than 60 countries, representing virtually every continent, and their presence gives the school a dynamic mix of cultures languages, experience, and sensibilities.

The Office of Student Affairs provides a locus where international students have the opportunity through clubs, organizations, and other informal associations to meet, interact, and exchange viewpoints about the creative process.

Dan Sandford advises international students regarding school policies and procedures and makes referrals to the Office for International Students and Scholars where needed.

The Office of Student Affairs sponsors an orientation in September for international undergraduate students. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the School and to the city for international students in New York for the first time. There are also informal gatherings during the academic year, which make it easy for international students at Tisch to meet and share ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

All new graduate students take a seven-week (seven-session) seminar at the beginning of each academic year. This noncredit bearing course is designed as an extension to the school orientation and provides an important bridge in the new student's adjustment to their environs and life at the school. In addition to a few key mini workshops regarding the services of the University at large, students learn about the history of New York and Greenwich Village, watch and discuss movies by Tisch alumni, attend a lecture, see a play and engage in forums and discussion sessions.